Do you want to go from frustration to flow – go lean

We are happy to present that a new updated edition the pioneering book ‘From Frustration to flow’ was released by the UK publishing house Hodder & Stoughton the 22st August. The title is ‘The Lean and Happy Home. Continue to read about it here . The illustrations below are from that book and illustrate how the laundry stream looked like in our home before introducing the japaneese concept lean in the organisation we could impact most – our own home.

The laundry stream before lean.
The laundry flow after lean. According to New Strategist research people spend nearly three years of their lives washing clothes – why don’t give it some time to reflect how you can do it in a wiser way?.

The concept has also been translated to German and Dutch – and many more are on their way!

And please don’t forget last summerclimate challenge, when the TEDx talk from Stockholm lighthouse was releasedTEDx talk :The summer 2018 broke all to many warmth records, an intense heat seized many countries and fierce storms hit others. So this was the  climate challenge; we are so skilled to set objectives at work, why not use that skill also at home?

If we get sustainable homes, we get sustainable societies. We hope that this TEDx talk will inspire you to reduce your footprint, and encourage others to do the same. It is easier than you think and you honestly have nothing to loose. If you find this TEDx talk worth sharing, please do. I hope it will make an impact.#climatechallenge#followthethread #leanathome#smallsustainablesteps